2006 Ducati S2R1000

2006 Ducati Monster S2R1000

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I purchased this 2006 Ducati Monster S2R1000 new on January 12, 2006. Current mileage is around 15200 (24472 km).

I have come to appreciated the S2R1000 for the following:

Other impressions:
The S2R1000 is pictured above on Mt. Evans, Colorado, at an approximate elevation of 13840ft (4218 meters). For a complete photo essay of the ride up Mt. Evans I invite you to visit my Mt. Evans Ride photo essay. It's a high-altitude experience to be sure!

The Ducati has been trouble-free and I have performed all scheduled maintenance myself.

2006 Ducati S2R1000

Many Ducati riders enjoy modifying their bikes to suit their personal tastes. In keeping with my style of maintaining bikes in an original factory condition, I plan few if any modifications for this machine, despite risking possible wrath and ridicule from the Ducatisti!

ronh.org Ducati S2R1000 video
This 9 minute, HD-quality video features a ride on Jefferson County, Colorado, Route 126, a local favorite.
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Recorded on 2013-08-26 (August 26, 2013).

Click for a larger image.Here's a nice image of the Ducati from a ride in July, 2006. It's pictured at Echo Lake, Colorado. Click to enlarge.

The four pics below are from recent rides on the S2R1000.

2006 Ducati S2R1000
2006 Ducati S2R1000
2006 Ducati S2R1000
2006 Ducati S2R1000

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